Win More Sales in the Digital Age

win more sales in the digital age, top emarketing techniques, best internet marketing tips

Learn how to attract quality customers and
achieve great results within 30 days

By Vivian W. Lee PhD

Internet Marketing can be complex and confusing...
but it doesn't have to be difficult.

This book is written based on fundamental marketing theories and principles,
as well as practical digital marketing techniques, tools and tips.

You have the best of "book smarts" and "street smarts" together here.

You will find this book easy to read. When you finish reading it,
you will know more about the Internet, e-Business and e-Marketing
than 90% of the people in this world.

  • Learn the evolution of the Internet, e-Business and e-Marketing in the past century
  • Understand what is e-Marketing and why it is important in the digital age
  • Design your Integrated Marketing strategies, programs and campaigns
  • Learn TOP 30 e-Marketing techniques and tools with practical tips
  • Attract new customers and activate your old customers
  • Increase your sales revenue and maximize your profit potential


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ISBN: 9781987918335 (Blurb bookstore)
ISBN: 9781987918939 (Ingram retail distribution)


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